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 Greg Oxley  or Michelle Romanek 

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​Local Community Hero

Krista Barnette 


It is my pleasure to nominate Krista Barnette as a Community Hero. She has worked as a Designated Care Coordinator for over eight years. I am in awe of the empathy and compassion she shows all her clients. There is never a stone that is overlooked when she searches for resources for her clients.

When Kanawha County’s water supply was contaminated in 2014, Krista quickly mobilized to supply her clients with safe water. In 2016 when our region was devastated by what was called “the Hundred Year Flood”, she displayed her resourcefulness and compassion helping our devastated families.

While I just gave two examples, this is what she does every day……with every client. As one of her clients posted on her social media account, “If you are having a baby or know someone who is having a baby SIGN UP FOR RIGHT FROM THE START. My nurse is so sweet and has solid advice far beyond
babyhood…She answers any stupid question I have, seemingly,24 hours a day.”


Thank you, Krista, for a job well done.

- Beverly Kitchen, Regional Care Coordinator 

Words from Krista~

I have been a DCC with RFTS for 8 years. My first exposure to a home visitation program was Birth To Three. My son Andrew was born in 2000 and was diagnosed with Autism and Developmental Delays at 18 months old. I remember being in awe of all the therapists and specialists that would come to our home and work with him and be a support system for me during a very overwhelming time as a new mom. 

My original bachelor's degree is in Business/Accounting but the more we were around the medical community I felt called by God to be a nurse.  I wanted to help people. At the age of 32, with 2 kids ages 4 and 6, I began Nursing School and graduated in 2009.  My first few RN jobs I did some home visits with the elderly.  I really liked being a home visitor and in 2013 when a RFTS opening came up, I switched jobs and have never looked back. In 2016 I opened my own agency, Birth-Babies & Beyond LLC and got to put my Business and Nursing degrees both to use together.

To me the best part of being a DCC is getting to meet and help so many families. It is empowering to know I am making a difference in the life of others. From teaching about childbirth, to assisting with breastfeeding support, screening and helping a new mom with postpartum depression or encouraging a mom determined to turn her life around from substance use - it is a privilege to be there for families in their time of need.  Throughout the years I have developed many friendships with clients and keep in touch with them to this day.

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I am blessed with an amazing support system at home with my husband and kids - who never bat an eye when I strike up a conversation with any pregnant women I see, who overlook me hoarding baby items in the garage to deliver to patients, and sometimes working a lot of hours away from home helping others.  They pick up the slack at home without complaint and I could not be successful at this job without their love and support.

I am thankful for an amazing group of DCC’s that work for my agency and for the RLA’s who are always there to give support, answer questions and not fuss too much at me when I make a mistake on paperwork. 

RFTS is an amazing program and I am glad to be a small part of it. 

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